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Girls - are you 18 to 30, gorgeous, fun, outgoing, open-minded, and seeking a fun job that pays you well??   If you don't mind having fun in a French Maid Outfit, Bikini, Thong Bikini or Lingerie (covered in private areas) where you can work in a safe environment,light cleaning and putting on a show (no nudity, no sex, complete respect of you at all times), then we might have just the job for you. is a fantasy maid service providing light house cleaning, bikini/lingerie car/bike wash and special events hostesses, greeters & servers.






Smart, Sexy

, and




Becoming A Angel
1) Fill out the application and email 4 photos and contact info to


2) Email us a clear copy of your Drivers License to verify age.


3) Take a clear picture of your face with your name and "Naughty Angels" written on a sheet of paper in picture. This verifies photos are of you.


4) Fill out paperwork and email back.


5) Must be 18 years old or older.

This application is for females only, who are applying to work for Naughty Angel's Cleaning for one or more of: French Maid, Fantasy Maid, Bikini Car/Bike Wash and/or Hostess/Greeter/ Server at special events, wearing either French Maid, Bikini or Lingerie outfits (private parts covered and the customers have to be more than 3 feet away).  The company is 'very' upscale in nature and will not tolerate nudity, sex, physical contact with the customer, drug use or any illegal activities.​

YOU MUST BE:  18-35 Yrs Old,  110 - 170 Lbs  and  4'6" - 6'2". 

A criminal background history will be done and we will not accept those that have a history of drug use or drug dealing, nor will we hire those that have any violations of Sex Oriented Business.   Our business is not a Sexually Oriented Business and in that light, we prefer to not hire current or former women who have been licensed within the industry.

Most girls earn $30 to $50 per hour and we screen our clientelle so you will be safe without escorts or security.. 

The jobs are Fantasy Maid and Fantasy Car/Bike Cleaning.  You 'are' expected to do light chores and/or cleaning.  However, you are not expected to do detailed cleaning, .  And for the most part, the more fun you are while cleaning, the less you actually clean as long as the client is entertained.  Again, there is no nudity and no contact with the customer (the customer is required to stay at least 3 feet away from you).

If you are interested in being considered for one of our exclusive positions, please fill out the application below and attach 4 full length photos of you in bikini, lingerie, short shorts or other attire that will show off your body (please no nude photos). 

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at


                              707-506-MAID (6243)

                             Thank You for applying


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