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     makes the following disclaimers:​​


1. All services implied or inferred on or through email or verbally by phone or in person by any party related to shall in no manner ever represent or infer that provides or allows any services that are related to nudity, sexual services, suggestion of sexual services or any other violation of law. and are solely an Maid and cleaning service with the Angel dressed in either a French Maid outfit, bikini, bikini with thong bottom or lingerie that is fully covering and non-transparent in the Angel's 'private areas'. Further the customer is not allowed to have physical contact with our Angel's, and if a customer does make contact with a Angel, the Angel is authorized to leave immediately and if the Angel requests, the company will assist in pursuing criminal assualt charges or other criminal or civil actions against such customer.


2. All services provided by are paid directly through's website or through's invoices via email. All services paid to anyone outside of the company's website or the company's phone are not authorized, not condoned or sanctioned and specifically not allowed and thus not an action taken by Speciffically, the company makes it very well known to client and 'the maids' that such activity is not allowed and is subject to cancellation of service and the maid being terminated.


3. Any action or activity by the customer and a Angel outside of the services offered by this website, as mentioned above - are not authorized, and if such happens, it is a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults of legal age. And and is not involved and have no beneficial or financial role involved in such activity.


​4. While the services provided by are not of a sexual nature and there is no nudity involved, and has throughout the website acknowledged that individuals under the age of 18 may not use the website nor be present during the services being provided by The 'Angel'  is trained to review the individuals who are present during the services and if they appear to be younger than 30, they are to check ID's to ensure no-one is under the age of 18.


​5. does not authorize any Angel to work while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs, nor does it condone or authorize any Angel, while on an assignment from to drink or use illegal drugs or do any other illegal act. Any act by such Angel is a violation of their contract work agreement and not authorized.


​6. "All assignments" by "all individuals" that do assignments originating from , are independant contractors. Such assignments shall include but are not limited to: French Maid services, Fantasy Maid services (bikini or lingerie maid service), Bikini or Lingerie Car or Bike Wash, Party Hostess/Greeter/Server (wearing French Maid Outfit or Bikini or Lingerie) and any escort or body guard for the maids.'s Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Service and Terms of Use are all integral and made a part of each other's terms, disclosures and conditions. Using this website and/or the services offered by this website, constitute you have read, acknowledge the understanding and meaning of, and agree to adhere and consent to the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Service and Terms of Use.​​By using this website and/or using the services offered by youacknowledge you have read, understand and agree with the Disclaimers.

Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

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