Bikini Car Wash Service

Starting at $100 - Up to an hour

Let one or more of our sexy girls in a bikini or lingerie get wet and soapy cleaning your car or Harley. While they don't do 'detail' work, they will make your heart race as they playfully clean the grime - and make you the envy of all your friends.

These girls aren’t shy and they definitely are not afraid of a challenge. Whether you drive a motorcycle or an RV… Or even a lifted monster truck additional fee may apply) these ladies have the… Assets… Required for the job. Why leave something as valuable as your vehicle in the hands of robots… Unless maybe you’re into that sort of thing.


Where ever you might be and whatever naughty things you get yourself into with your vehicle… These beautiful ladies are only a phone call away, ready to make it look good as new! Call today and see what everyone is talking about.


BIKINI CAR WASH$--$150 car, $200 single cab truck

TOPLESS CAR WASH--$240 car, $300 single cab truck

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