Sexy Maid Service

Starting at $75/hour

Let your fantasies become a reality. Have a 'Sexy French Maid' or a 'Bikini Babe' or 'Lingerie Model' clean your house. While you enjoy watching them do their job. While they don't do detail work, they sure do make sure the cleaning they do is sexy fun to watch..

Naughty Angels Cleaning has several maids on staff, at all times. We want to provide our clients with the benefit of having a fantasy girl maid,that is sexy, friendly, caring, and available for domestic chores in their home or office. What may take some of our customers a whole day, or even an entire weekend, can be handled by a maid or team. Naughty Angels take care of their cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping chores,. They have more free time for themselves, do not have to do jobs they hate doing, and get the opportunity to meet some of the prettiest maids in the United States.


  • We will sweep, vacumm, scrub the floor if need be, mop, dust (up high if provided a ladder), wash dishes, we can perform other tasks if asked ahead when ordering service! Just imagine the fun and entertainment!

  • We take pride in the outstanding Angels that we represent and the upscale professional client base that we cater to. Naughty Angels Cleaning realizes

  • You live a busy lifestyle, we also understand it can be a challenge to balance a full time job while trying to managing your precious free time.

  • We guarantee our Naughty Angels will take your cleaning to a new seductive and tantalizing experience because you deserve the best out of lifes finest pleasures!

  • Our Naughty Angels are here to make your life a lot easier and visually pleasing all while cleaning your house.

  • Naughty House Maids has the highest standards when it comes to SEXY!


So what are you waiting for? Experience the good life!!!!

Choose the Sexxy Maid of your Choice! One Not Enough....No Problem....Just ask about our group rates!


STRAIGHT CLEANING$75/hr (2hr min)

TOPLESS CLEANING$120/hr (2hr min)

NUDE CLEANING$140/hr (2hr min)

COOKING $+40/hr (2hr min)

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