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1. Yes, it is perfectly legal.  We are providing domestic and entertainment services only and make that clear to our clients. We do not allow touching or sexual contact between the maids and clients and will do whatever is needed to enforce this policy. We expect our clients to enjoy watching our cleaners work, but we don't want anyone getting carried away and crowding or otherwise making our maids uncomfortable so that they can't work.


2. With regards to nudity, all of our Angel's and butler's work at whatever level of dress/undress that suits them.  We have found that different clients have different preferences - some may prefer topless, French Maid, or a bikini Angel rather than a nude one. And since we ARE in the cleaning business, we also do straight cleaning jobs with regular shorts and tee-shirts. Our Angel's Gallery will indicate the level of exposure for each of our Angel's.

3. Naughty Angel's charges $75.00 an hour for Booty Short's and a T-shirt, and $120.00 per hour for (French Maid, Lingerie, Bikini) and $130 per hour for Topless cleaning jobs, And $150 an hour for nude cleaning with a two hour minimum per job. A full price sheet is included on our service's page. Travel does apply to different cities.


​4. Payment is by PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card or Green Dot Cards - in advance to our service.  If you wish to extend your time while the girl is there, and she agrees - you need to contact our office and we will take payment over the phone to extend.  *Note: there is a 5% surcharge for credit cards. We only accept Visa, Mastercard and AmericanExpress. All appointments scheduled are held with credit card information for that visit only. Each cleaning visit we will obtain credit card information.

5. Of course, that is up to you. If you have enjoyed the services and wish to give a little extra to your Angel, we are sure that they will appreciate it. Tips are kept by your Angel and not shared with Naughty Angel's. (Tips should not be given with any expectations of any sort of physical contact or sexual services. Our Angel's know that they will lose their job with us if they violate the "no touching" rules.)

​ 6. We accept appointments by phone or by e-mail. At least 24 hours notice is greatly appreciated and will allow us a better chance to book the Angel of your choice at a convenient time for you.


Phone: (707) 506-6243 (Phone hours 9am to 11pm)



If you have a request for a specific Angel, you can tell us - or if you feel adventurous, let us pick one of our delightful Angel's for you.  There is an online form that you can use to request an appointment, but we will always confirm and screen our appointments with you by phone.

 7. We are doing everything we can to assure the safety of our clients and our Angel's.  The clients will be screened and register with us with verified phone number and address. They will also sign an agreement stating that they understand the terms of our service (particularly no touching or sexual contact). Angel's are required to check in upon arrival at and departure from a client's home or office, and are encouraged to contact the office at any time while on a job. This contact helps to ensure their safety.  The client is treated with utmost confidentiality to protect his/her privacy and information is never sold, shared, or traded with any other entity.

 8. For the safety of our Angel's and the security of our clients, we have two other items: We require that all pets either be removed from the area that you will be cleaning or caged while our Angel's are there. We also urge clients to remove or otherwise secure anything that might be either very delicate or irreplaceable to eliminate potential damage to that which cannot be replaced.

 9. No, there are many women who enjoy either men and women cleaning their homes either topless or nude.  We are not going to exclusively provide our services to men, but to women and couples as well.

10. Yes, when you register for Naughty Angel's services we will ask you who will be present in the home or office during the cleaning. Our Angel's will be instructed that if additional individuals are present when they arrive that they should call and inform us and they have the option of leaving without doing the cleaning. This is for the comfort and safety of our Angel's.

11. Certainly! If you have a large home or office, or just want the added visual delight from watching two or more of our attractive domestic Angel's at work, you are welcome to book two or three Angel's or butlers for the same appointment time. Of course, our two hour minimum appointment time will still be required.

12. That is up to each Angel individually.  Listed in the terms of service is a statement that the client is not permitted to photograph the Angel's unless the Angel gives her specific consent.  Any negotiations on photography  must be done outside the scheduled time of service (either before or after the cleaning).

13. Yes, 2 hours.  After that it is billed in 1/2 hour increments.


14. Yes, we are a real cleaning service.  However, they are not a 'detail' cleaning service. They do light cleaning while you and your friends watch.

Good News...   They ARE however hired based: Looks, desire to get the job done - and - on having a fun spirit (ie. they are to do their cleaning with style and playful fun while doing it). [we don't hire boring girls...]


15. We don't allow it for the safety of the girl and certain local, state an federal laws.  So - if you are drunk, or pleasure yourself or get naked in any way what-so-ever, at the beginning, during or end of the time the girl is there - she is to leave immediately, you will not get a refund, and you will be banned from our services for a year.


16. Absolutely.  The girl you choose (and is confirmed) is the girl that shows up. Unlike some less than reputable agencies, we don’t send a different girl and hoping you don't notice.


17. Depends on the girl.  Most need at least 24 hours.  But, when you go to do the reservation, it will advise you if the girl has an opening, and how much advance booking she needs.  However, if you have a rush (less than 24 hours notice), you can contact us and we can check to see if she is available to work.
18. Somewhat...   The girls typically have a Sexy French Maid outfit, Bikini, Thong Bikini and acceptable Lingerie.  However, if you’d like your sexy girl to wear something special you have bought, as long as it covers and is not see through at the 'very personal' areas, then you can ask her - it is her decision (subject to that guideline of covering).    Please feel free to ask – we will always try and be as accommodating as possible.

19. Only on multiple girls or extended time or on Fantasy Party Servers.

20. NO. Each appointment must be booked only through  The girls will refuse any request to meet with you privately, as it risk their legal protection with the company and subjects them to immediate termination.  Please do not ask for their phone number, email address, facebook account or other information.  The companion will refuse your request. This is to protect their privacy.​
21. All refunds for individual maids may be done as long as it is requested by email (by our contact page) AND it is done at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment (regardless of when you placed the appointment) AND you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.  Otherwise there is no refund.
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